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Allow me to introduce you to a place where tea takes on a deeper meaning.
A place where liquid refreshment is redefined and contentment in consumption celebrated.
Alter your expectations.
Clear your cup.
And open your mind to a riveting revelation...
Your ears, met with the whistling sounds from a warm kettle draw you closer.
The deeply aromatic scent of the dry leaves is amplified in each brew.
Pour out your emotions and fill your vessel with love and peace.
Allow your senses to be elevated and the warmth from each sip to soothe your soul.
Invite the steam to steep your stress and find rest in the solace of silence.
Every ounce alters the way you operate and every flavor explores new avenues to follow.
After one cup, your mind is clear, your body begins to heal, you regain control
and you’re ready to take action.

Welcome to Nice’s Tea House.
Let’s have a cup of good vibes.☕️
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"Created with Passion.
Blended with Intention.
Packaged with love in Detroit."



/ Antonice Strickland. / 
The curator of good tea, vibes and conversations.

Born in Detroit and raised on the Willow Run side of Ypsilanti, Michigan, Antonice has become known for her light spirit and creativity in public relations, events and marketing. Throughout her educational, professional and personal journey, tea has served as a place of solace and comfort during difficult times. After navigating a traumatizing divorce, relocation back home to Michigan, and diminished views of herself, Antonice began her journey of self-reflection-- revisiting practices that centered and grounded her with herself-- those practices included prayer, meditation, yoga and of course drinking tea.


Understanding not only the health benefits, but how tea-- when mindfully being still and drinking, helped relieve anxiety, and opened a new lane of expertise outside of her training as a public relations practitioner. 

Antonice is a self-taught tea connoisseur who began blending different tea pouches purchased from the local store to create blends that met the health or vibe she needed. Specifically blends that support immunity, as the COVID-19 pandemic created a heightened need for healthy options that could be made at home. From ginger, peppermint and turmeric to cinnamon and elderberry-- she opened a new door of learning and found inspiration from creating unique blends and decided to create her own tea company that serves as a place of reflection and peace for others too.


Nice's Tea House is one of the only Black-female owned herbal tea companies in the state with the goal elevate the tea lifestyle and create space for people to connect, enjoy great conversations and "have a cup of good vibes."

Nice's Tea House Credo

Nice’s Tea House is committed to restoring wholeness & empowering generational wellness through delicious tea.

Our goals are to:


  • Demystify generational health & wellness with tea

  • Provide sustainable wellness in a cup

  • Self healing and reconnection to the power of plants

  • Support lifestyle and social impact goals


A percentage of every purchase goes to support programming dedicated to providing economic and educational resources to youth from marginalized communities.

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