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The Full Story

NTH Impact.

Nice’s Tea House is a socially conscious brand, that cultivates positivity, healthy connections, and community growth through tea, wellness and community impact. As a company, we are committed to giving back, specifically to those in underserved and often over looked communities throughout the state of Michigan. Within our founding mission, NTH will donate a percentage of all proceeds annually to non-profit organizations that provide mentorship, tutoring and enrichment programming to underserved youth in Michigan.


Our Why?

We know it is imperative for youth to have access and exposure to lifestyles outside of the norm. NTH owner is a product of safety-net programs and has seen first-hand how impactful a little bit of support can be for young people. All youth should have the opportunity to receive the tools and support system to reach their goals and make their dreams come true.

Our Vision

To collaborate with the community to provide financial and hands-on support to youth that need it most throughout the state of Michigan.

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