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And yes—that is heart-shaped Black tea. 🖤

This medium caffeinated Black tea blend of aphrodisiacs will leave you lifted and loved. With a deep chocolate aroma, sweetness from the strawberries, loving aesthetic of the rose petals and Ashwaghanda— 143 is a beautiful morning tea to share with someone you love. ❤️ ☕️

Ingredients: Black tea, Ashwaghanda root, freeze dried strawberries, organic Rose petals, Cocoa, Camomile petals, Natural flavors (Organic Compliant).


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  • 1 oz pouch ~ 8-10 cups

    2 oz makes ~20 cups

    4 oz makes ~45 cups

    1 lb (16 oz) makes ~175 cups (coming soon)

    *1 heaping teaspoon makes enough tea for 8 -16 oz. of water. (2 single servings)

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